Cleaning and organizing kitchen cabinets is a challenging task which demands some extra patience and enthusiasm to accomplish it. For most of the people, organizing kitchen cabinets means stuffing as many items as possible in the cupboards and close the door with full force until it completely shuts. Here we have listed some most effective tactics which will help you to keep your kitchen cabinets well cleaned and organized –

  • The first thing we recommend is to use environmentally friendly household items instead of chemical solutions in order to clean the kitchen cabinets. Baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice and club soda will play important role in removing toxins from your kitchen cabinets.

  • Kitchen cabinets can’t be cleaned without being emptied. So you will definitely need some place to keep these items before cleaning. Kitchen tables or kitchen counters will provide you great helping hand to keep all your stuff in safest and easiest way.

  • After cleaning the cabinets, don’t forget to match all the containers with their respective lids in order to avoid unnecessary spilling and prevent the clutter.

  • The items which you are going to use on frequent basis can be stored on shelves which are at your eye level. On the other hand, items like mustard, spare ketchup, salad dressing and jam can be kept at shelves which are rarely accessed.

  • When organizing your kitchen cabinets, make sure to arrange items according to their categories such as canned goods, pastas, grains, sweets and kid’s food. Make sure to place the items which you use frequently at easily accessible shelves.

  • Another key way to de-cluttering your kitchen cabinets is by going vertical and adding more shelves to utilized unused space. You can also consider using shelf doublers to increase the space in your kitchen cabinets.

Try to spend some time each day to make sure that everything is rightly placed in your kitchen cabinets. Spending few minutes on clean up every day to stay organized will definitely help to prevent a big kitchen disaster.