Every pet owner has pet hair woes! Pet hair can be spotted easily- on floors, furniture, and clothing.

  1. Pet Towels: place a towel or sheet for your pet to rest on, and shake off the hair that accumulates periodically before tossing it in the washing machine.
  2. Groom your pet regularly: regular grooming- brushing, trimming etc. can help diminish loose hair problems in pets.
  3. Hair on the carpet? Remove this with a vacuum cleaner on full suction with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter a few times a week.
  4. On hard floors and wood, use an electrostatic mop that works better than a vacuum cleaner- it doesn’t blow the hair around.
  5. Picking hair off upholstery: use a lint brush designed for clothing or a dry sponge (both available at pet shops) to brush away hair landed on the upholstery or then vacuum it out with the tool meant especially for upholstery.
  6. Use moisture: you can dampen your hand and swipe your palm downwards to collect pet hair as it become wet, hence heavy off any surface that is water resistant. Using a barely dampened kitchen sponge also should work just fine.
  7. Sticky tape: wrap the sticky tape around your palm with the sticky surface facing outwards and gently tap the pet hair-it will stick to the tape and can be cleaned easily.
  8. Gloves: rub a rubber or latex glove on another surface till it catches enough static electricity and bring it close to the pet hair. Watch the hair stick to the glove and ball it up to dispose it off.

These are some easy ways to manage loose pet hair at home and with the tips given above this task can be done very easily.