The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but along with all the joy and happiness they bring, they can also bring chaos and clutter. It comes in the form of holiday cheer, but once the season settles, you may find yourself buried under a little extra stuff. Best Maids is here to offer a few insider tips from our Chicago house cleaning service to help you cut the clutter after the holidays.

Clutter-Cutting Methods

Here are four of our favorite methods for de-cluttering.

Four-Box Method

This tried-and-true system allows you to quickly sort through large amounts of clutter while still ensuring each item is consciously considered. To get started, you will need four large boxes labeled:

  • Keep
  • Donate/Sell
  • Toss
  • Store

Take the boxes with you to one area or room and begin picking up each item you find and determine which box it belongs in. Once you finish an area or your boxes are full, empty the boxes according to their labels. The four-box method prevents you from simply moving stuff from one area to another and really helps you sort what’s needed from isn’t. Do this to your holiday decorations before you store them. There’s no sense storing something for an entire year, just to throw it away when you unpack it next year.

Get One, Give Two

It’s a pretty simple rule that’s great for during the holidays when you may be getting more than usual, but it can be used year-round. In keeping with the holiday spirit, for every gift, toy, article of clothing or decoration you receive, you donate two items you no longer need. It really helps cut down on clutter and all the excitement of new presents can help making getting rid of things a little easier, especially for children.

Zero In

One of the hardest parts of decluttering can be figuring out where to start. The zeroing in method can help, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Instead of diving in and burning out before you’ve made a dent, focus in on just one area of your home or office at a time. A stack of holiday cards, your seasonal baking supplies, the tree, a single draw or an entry way closet. As you work your way around your house tackling one small area at a time, you’ll see the progress and it won’t feel like one big unobtainable job but a series of small jobs you know you can handle.

One a Day

If decluttering is just not your thing, consider ridding yourself of just one item every single day. This may seem like an easy method, but it is a serious commitment that takes determination and relentlessness. As the days go by, you’ll see the space you’ve created as you slowly remove the unwanted and unnecessary items from your home.


Start Fresh

The new year is a great time for new beginnings. Make decluttering your New Year’s resolution and turn it into a yearly habit.

If all this is still too overwhelming, you could consider bringing in a professional home cleaning service to help with the work. Best Maids has been serving Chicago and the surrounding area for over 10 years, providing house cleaning services to families, couples, the elderly, and busy professionals. If you are interested in learning more about the cleaning services we provide for the Chicago area, please contact us for a free house or office cleaning consultation.