After a long, dreary winter and a super fast spring, summer has finally arrived on our doorsteps and gratefully so! If you are looking to relax, have a great time, and throw the most unforgettable summer party ever, you are going to have to take the appropriate measures in order to ensure that the party is a stand out in your guests’ memory in every way. With this in mind, here are the top 5 summer party decorating themes that you can choose from or try this summer:

  1. Luau. It doesn’t get more summery than a Hawaiian-themed party. This means using generous amounts of blue, pink, green and yellow for your utensils, napkins, paper plates, and the like. Little details such as tiki torches, leis, inflatable palm trees, and luau table skirts also make a world of difference in changing the ambiance. Don’t forget to serve mai tais and pina coladas!
  2. Clambake. If you’re located anywhere near a coastal area, a clambake is the perfect theme for your summer party. Orange, red and blue should be the dominant shades for paper plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Fill buckets with sand and seashells and place shovels alongside them to complete the theme. Serve lobsters, clam chowder, corn on the cob, potatoes, crabs, sausages and clams.
  3. Fiesta. Pick up an inflatable cooler and store the drinks there. Use bright colours all around for paper plates, utensils, napkins, bowls, cups, etc. Each guest should also be given a sombrero upon entry. For food items, serve spicy and flavourful items such as enchiladas, chips, sangria and margaritas. Double the fun by hanging a piñata and allowing even the grown-ups to play!
  4. 80’s Party. This is where the electric blues and neon pinks come in. Neon lights should be abundant and 80’s music should be blaring. Use polka-dot tablecloths and serve finger foods to keep guests on their feet the whole night through. Meatballs, chicken fingers, corn dogs, finger sandwiches, quiche are all great options for food. The most important thing is that everyone has fun!