If you are a gardening enthusiast and need help and advice about the how’s and whys of tending to your trees and plants, here are 5 great gardening apps that will do the job for you.

  1. Garden Compass: this app makes your smartphone your gardening companion! This free app helps you identify pests, diseases and plants. It helps with the design as well. All you have to do is to snap a photo, send it to their experts, and they will help you identify the problem and give you a solution too. You can locate a retailer to design or order new plants.
  2. Sprout it: This free App is available on iTunes and is a customisable user friendly app. It offers step by step instructions and advice on how to grow vegetables and herbs in your garden based on your location and the type of garden you want to grow, tips on what to grow in your garden as per the weather, gives you reminders about tasks to be completed at the right time, weather alerts, design help and reference.
  3. Iscape: this design app is a paid app available on both Apple and Android platforms for more serious gardening professionals who may have a hard time trying to visualise what a garden will look like after planting. All you have to do is to take a snap of the garden space, use the drag and drop tools to create a realistic photo visual of the garden design. They also have many photo editing tools that you can use to create a professional looking garden.
  4. The New Sunset Western Garden Book App: this one is the most expensive gardening app and is referred to as the bible of gardening. Detailed videos explaining the planting procedures and regional calendars are available.
  5. Landscapers’ Companion: this planting reference app that is available on Android and Apple platforms. It gives info on all that grows in the soil and more. You can even pick a new species to grow from their vast library and read all about it in detail.

These apps are a soulful companion to the new and expert gardener who will experiment with confidence and will be better prepared to handle any crisis related to their green backyard.