Which one are you?

  1. Plant lover
  2. Flower Lover
  3. Can’t have any plants
  4. Want plants but always end up killing them


Whoever you may be, there is certainly a plant that is right for you. Plants have always been nice to have in our homes. Not only are they healthy, but they also bring beauty with them. Plants can be used to decorate our homes and give a space a boom. Plants on their own have many benefits from being a great decor to any space to plants that can be great mood boosters. 

Have you ever had a chance to see at least one of those plants of Instagram posts? They are really pretty to look at, and they give the space an inviting feeling. They make you want to have plants in your homes. Nowadays, most homes with lots of plants are seen as comfortable and cozy. 

But, what is it about really good plants? According to studies plants provide us with clean air, improve our productivity, and other more in-depth health benefits. Furthermore, they are also good for mental health. Plants can reduce stress by up to 15 %. That’s pretty high considering we are only talking about plants. 

Did you also know that there are an estimated 390,900 types of plants known to science as of today? That’s a staggering amount of plants. However, not all plants are nice to have inside your home. It’s important to remember that majority of the plants strive because of the sun and that sunlight is one major thing they need to survive besides water. 

Most of you must think, well now “I can’t have any plants in my home then”. 

The answer to that is not true. While many beautiful plants need direct sunlight to grow, there are also many plants that can thrive inside your home. 

Here are the top 5 plants you would want inside your home and why.

Plant # 1. Tillandsia Plants

Tillandsia plants are more commonly known as air plants. They can live off of nutrients and moisture in the environment making them an easy plant to have and care for as they do not need a lot of requirements to survive. 

Who wouldn’t want that? 

Air plants can also mostly survive indoors as they do not need direct sunlight and can strive even when temporarily placed in dark corners. Tillandsia plants are considered to be very versatile plants because they can be planted indoors or outdoors. These plants are perfect for homes, rooms, and offices as they are a great piece to add to decorate the space. Tillandsia plants have a vast array of forms and colors and can be a great addition to making a space look breathtaking. 


Plant #2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are another type of plant you would want to have in your home. Snake plants are very easy to care for, as well as,  they are a plant that scientists consider to be the most tolerable plant. 

Snake plants can strive with very low light and can be neglected for weeks and still live. This plant is perfect for people who lead very busy lifestyles and still want to care for plants. 

Snake plants are also very known for their ability to keep the air inside a space clean and free of toxins. They do not require a lot of maintenance and only need a bit of water, free-draining soil, and regular fertilizer from time to time to keep them in their best form. 

Plant # 3. Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Madagascar Dragon Tree or more commonly known as the dragon tree is a plant that can be great for households because of its eye-catching looks and low maintenance. 

Dragon trees make a great addition to any space because they bring beauty and visual interest to any space and are known to be another plant that is great for removing toxins in the environment. 

Dragon trees are drought-tolerant and can be grown as a potted houseplant. They grow up to 6 ft or less, if kept pruned and because of their great tolerance, they can thrive in a variety of light and temperature conditions. 

Plant #4. Chinese Evergreen Tree

The Chinese Evergreen Tree or also known as Aglaonema commutatum is a stunning indoor plant that has several varieties. 

Chinese evergreen plants are mainly used in offices as they do not require a lot of maintenance, however, they would also make for a fabulous addition to any space in your house because they don’t need a lot of attention.

The plant comes in various vibrant colors like red, pink, and yellow. They are eye-catching and can give a space the spruce it needs. Chinese evergreen plants are great indoor plants as they can tolerate low-light and fluorescent light conditions. 

Plant #5. Arrowhead plant

Arrowhead plants much like the other plants mentioned in this article are a great plant to have indoors. Just like the others, The arrowhead plant requires low maintenance and makes a great addition to any space, It is, however, a plant that tends to get Viney, which requires it to grow in hanging baskets or away from children or pets. 

Arrowhead plants cannot be under direct sunlight which makes them perfect to be a household plant. These plants grow fast and may require repottings every second spring. 

Bottom-line,  having plants is an awesome thing. Plants provide for a great pastime when we are bored, have great benefits to our health and overall space, and unlike pets do not require a lot of our time. 

Now, Are you ready to go plant shopping?