Salt is considered as a natural preservative as it restricts the growth of yeast, bacteria and mold in your home. Because of its no-toxic property, it can be used in several different ways in both inside as well as outside part of your home. Salt alone has a capability to clean different items in your house. But in several different cases, it works more efficiently when you add lemon juice or vinegar solution to it. Go through following points to know about how salt can keep both inside and outside part of your home clean. 
• You can make a paste of salt along with vinegar solution and utilize it to polish silver, copper and brass items in your home. Just rinse and dry every part of the item properly, after rubbing the paste on them. You will surprise to see the highly shiny and brighter look of your home accessories. 
• The most stubborn iron items in your home can be cleaned easily if you rub them with paper having salt on it. Rubbing the salt on cups will also help you to eradicate those rigid marks of coffee or tea on them. 
• You can rub the outside area of your home windows and doors with sponged immersed in saltwater. This will also prevent the windows and doors from the sub-freezing weather effects. 
• If you want to deal with oil spills or broken egg marks on the floor then cover those marks with salt. Within few minutes, it will absorb the entire moisture and you can wipe up everything easily. 
• A proper mixture of soda water and salt can be also used to deodorize and clean the inner part of your refrigerator. By using this technique, you can also get away with the use of harmful chemicals to clean your refrigerator. 
• With vinegar and some other ingredients, salt can be used as a catalyst to enhance the deodorizing and cleaning action. If you want to make a soft scrub just create a paste by mixing a baking soda with salt which can be used to clean the home appliances. 
• Similar to baking soda and vinegar, salt can also serve the important purpose of pest control. The only thing you have to do is to make an uninterrupted line of salt across the windows and doorways to prevent ants entering in the home. 

Above mentioned points will definitely help you to realize that salt has wide range of uses in your home. From eating, beauty routine to home cleaning, salt is definitely considered as a handy item in every house.