Apart from several cooking uses, vinegar is considered as a safe, non-toxic and effective cleaning solution in the home. It offers wide range of applications such as cleaning fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, eliminating odors from the home, cleaning windows and eliminating spills from your home carpet. Go through following tips to know about how vinegar will help you in cleaning your house in most effective way. 

  • Vinegar in Distilled Form:

White distilled vinegar is considered as a renowned household cleaner which is effective for avoiding germs, bacteria and mold because of its acidic properties. White distilled vinegar offers extremely effective way to clean your home furniture without creating any chemical reaction on them. Apart from this, it is very expensive as well as environmental friendly.

  • Deal with Hard Water Stains:

Vinegar is considered as an amazing natural product which helps you to eliminate hard water stains from faucets and sinks. If you found that your faucet nozzle or shower has crusty build-up then take a vinegar baggie and wrap it around nozzle. Cover it with tight rubber band and let it soak for overnight. When you awake in the morning, you will be pleased to see hard water stains getting disappeared from the faucet nozzle.

  • Get Rid Of Irritating Smell:

Vinegar has a capability to absorb other funky smells in your home thereby allowing you to keep the air in the home extremely fresh. Microwave is one of the perfect places to experiment this. One can also get rid of irritating garbage odor with the help of vinegar. The only thing you need to do is pour a baking soda in garbage disposal along with the vinegar solution.

  • For Glass Cleaning:

Vinegar can also act as an effective glass cleaning solution. The method involves adding one tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water and sprinkling it on glass surface before wiping it gently to make dry. If you want to remove any unnecessary stickers on your glass then rub them with the help of vinegar solution and wait for 15 minutes to remove them completely.

The above mentioned tips will definitely help you to understand the importance of vinegar in your home cleaning activities without putting any extra hard efforts.