Keeping things clean and tidy is a great way to boost efficiency when accessing anything in your home. Everyone has their own method of categorizing items in their designated locations. If you’re looking to take organization a step further with eye-pleasing coordination you’ve clicked on the right link! Here we’ll list a few different ways you can organize areas of your home while also making it kept and aesthetically pleasing. 


Organize your closet by color 

Instead of organizing clothes by type, try arranging them by color. This will create pops of color sectioned throughout your closet, which is not only appealing to the eye, but also remains easily accessible when finding what you need based on its color. If mixing sweaters and tank tops still bothers you, you can always organize each color section in order from type of clothing, such as black jackets, then black blouses, then black camisoles, and so on. 


Cheat-organize your boxer drawer to look like a retail store  

If you have a messy and overloaded boxer drawer there’s an easy trick you can do to make it neat and tidy without a lot of effort. For boxers or boxer briefs, fold each pair like a book down the middle so that the ends of the waistbands are touching. Then fold downward like a clam, towards you, so that the waistband is touching the ends of the leg openings. Lastly, fold one final time like a book again, but inverted as if the book is facing away from you. At this point you can securely stuff any extra leg material within the underside fold. Place each pair of boxers snuggly side by side in the drawer with the waistband side on top. You can even go a step further and pinch and pull the tops and bottoms of each folded boxer tightly to make the top more creased and really make it feel like you’re opening a drawer at a store. 


Use glass or acrylic containers for small storage 

Most who incorporate clear containers in their organization usually do so in the kitchen. However, using this method of storage is also especially helpful in your home office or computer area. Instead of keeping supplies like push pins, rubber bands, pens, paper clips, and other small items scattered in boxes in a drawer, use clear storage. Seeing your small office supplies in a row of uniform glass jars will feel crisp and highly organized. It will also be much easier to grab what you need since you can see each item clearly. Feel free to use this method around the house where you feel it will increase efficiency in your daily life.  


Opt for wire baskets for bigger items 

Similar to the last tip, you can use wire baskets for storing bigger items that won’t fall through the open areas of the basket while still easily able to see what’s in the container. Wire baskets are great for storing without worrying about collecting dirt and dust. They can also be picked up to wipe the surface underneath with ease. Use them to store shoes, produce and groceries, clothing accessories, and more. Cleaning wire baskets is also simple. Simply wipe baskets with a dry or damp microfiber cloth, if the material is able to withstand water.  


Declutter the look of your kitchen’s wares by creating a theme 

Sometimes we keep way too much cookware and utensils in our kitchen that we end up having an abundance of the same item. If you know there’s things you no longer need, take the time to remove and donate or throw away excess items. Keep a theme or color pallet with just one or two colors or materials. For example, instead of having a drawer full of multiple colors of silicone or plastic cooking utensils as well as wood and metal ones, narrow down to one to two materials and colors. If it’s wood and metal keep that as your theme. If it’s plastic or silicone, choose to keep up to two colors and stick with it. This will create a sense of consistency in your kitchen that feels clean and minimal. 


However you decide to organize, the key to aesthetic organization is uniformity or pattern as well as keeping things consistent throughout your home. You also want to make sure the organization style you choose is efficient. If something looks nice but is inconvenient to keep a certain way, the organization is more likely to be abandoned after some time. Experiment with different styles and techniques that are easy to keep up with. Eventually you’ll find a way to organize aesthetically that best fits you and your style!