Part 2 of what your zodiac sign says about your cleaning style is here! In this post we’ll be going over the second half of the signs from Gemini to Sagittarius and how different zodiac attributes may affect how we clean. Read on to see if your zodiac matches your cleaning style! 


 1. Gemini: The Social Cleaner

Geminis are known for their social and adaptable nature. They have a quick wit and enjoy engaging in various activities. When it comes to cleaning, Geminis may approach it with a versatile and flexible mindset. They may prefer to multitask and find ways to make cleaning more enjoyable. Geminis may enjoy having company present or talking on the phone while cleaning to keep themselves entertained and engaged. They may also find it helpful to break down cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable chunks to prevent boredom or monotony. Geminis may have a tendency to get distracted easily, so they can benefit from setting timers to switch tasks. They may also enjoy involving others in the cleaning process, turning it into a social activity.  


 2. Leo: The Admired Cleaner

Leos are known for their confident and ambitious nature. They are natural leaders who enjoy being in the spotlight and have a strong desire for recognition. When it comes to cleaning, Leos may approach it with enthusiasm and a desire for admiration. They may prefer to tackle cleaning tasks that allow them to showcase their organizational skills and attention to detail. Leos will often go above and beyond when cleaning focal points to bring attention to their work. Their cleaning abilities may thrive from hosting gatherings to allow their space to be admired by others. Leos may also enjoy creating a visually appealing and stylish living space to impress guests. 


 3. Virgo: The Frequent Cleaner

Virgos are known for their organized and detail-oriented nature. They have a strong sense of cleanliness and orderliness. When it comes to cleaning, Virgos tend to clean often but casually, as they tend to clean much more frequently than most. They thrive on organization and enjoy keeping things tidy. Virgos may have a specific cleaning routine that they follow religiously, ensuring that every square inch is spotless. They take pride in their ability to maintain a pristine environment. Virgos may also enjoy decluttering and organizing their belongings, finding satisfaction in creating a streamlined living space. They may have a preference for using natural and eco-friendly cleaning products to maintain home surfaces instead of using harsh chemicals. 


 4. Libra: The Aesthetic Cleaner

Libras are known for their love of balance, harmony, and aesthetics. They have a keen eye for beauty and would choose creating a visually pleasing environment over cleanliness. However, when it comes to cleaning, Libras approach it with a sense of grace and style. They may find cleaning to be a therapeutic activity that helps restore balance and order in their lives even if they don’t clean as meticulously as other signs. They may also take pleasure in arranging and organizing their belongings in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Libras may find joy in creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for themselves and their guests. 


 5. Scorpio: The Passionate Cleaner

Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate nature. They are brave and have a deep desire for keeping control over situations. They strive for perfection in their living spaces and may not open to other household members’ cleaning methods. This is due to their passion for keeping a space the way they’ve envisioned. When Scorpios clean, they can get extremely into the process, striving to deep clean and leave no corner untouched. They may also have a knack for decluttering, as they value a minimalistic environment. Scorpios may find cleaning to be a cathartic and refreshing activity, allowing them to release any negative energy and gain control over their space.  


6. Sagittarius: The Adventurous Cleaner

Sagittarians are known for their adventurous and optimistic nature. They have a love for freedom and exploration. When it comes to cleaning, Sagittarians may approach it with a sense of adventure. They may view cleaning as an opportunity to discover new things and create a new space with their environment. They may also find joy in rearranging furniture or redecorating their living spaces more frequently than others to create a sense of novelty. Sagittarians may prefer to clean in bursts of energy rather than following a strict routine, as they value flexibility and spontaneity.


Didn’t see your zodiac on the list? See our previous post here for the first six zodiac cleaning styles! If you’ve enjoyed this read, share with a friend!