What to Clean Before Moving Into a New Home?When we think about moving into a new home, many of us envision the empty spacious interior that we can decorate to our choosing. We are constantly planning and rearranging our furniture within the space, trying to see the way it will all look when the move is completed. However, most of forget one major part of the move, i.e. the cleaning that precedes moving into a new home.

Some parts of the pre-move clean up can be easily covered during the move. However, there are certain aspects of it that must be done beforehand, as the furniture and packed boxes will make cleaning difficult. So here are a few areas that you should clean before moving into your new home:

1. Bathroom:

Most home owners tend to ignore cleaning the bathroom before leaving and since good hygienic conditions are important, it is better to give your entire bathroom a good scrub before using it. Some people even prefer to purchase a new toilet seat for their bathroom for sanitary reasons.

2. Refrigerator and Other Appliances:

If your new home comes with any appliances like, a refrigerator or an oven, make sure that you clean these out properly. Cleaning the fridge with disinfectants is a good idea as you are unaware of the germs and bacteria that may have accumulated inside it. Before filling it with your food, clean it from the inside properly. The same goes for your oven or microwave.

3. Floors and Carpets:

Most of the dirt accumulates on the floor of your house. So give the floor a sweep or a mop before moving in the furniture. Mopping it with a disinfectant is a good idea as well but it all depends on the kind of flooring you have installed in your new home.

On carpeted floors, a simple vacuuming can work well with new carpets. However, with stained and old carpets it is better to steam clean them, so that you can get rid of any dirt, germs and stains that are present on them.

4. Walls and Ceiling:

If you feel that the walls and ceiling are covered with a layer of grime, wipe them with a wet sponge. Be sure to remove any cobwebs you find. Giving your walls and ceiling, a fresh coat of paint, can also help in cleaning them effectively.

Unless you have a ceiling fan installed, there is very little cleaning that your ceiling will require. Ceiling fans, however, require a more thorough cleaning with a proper duster or a wet rag.

5. Doors and Windows:

Cleaning the window glass with a sponge and glass cleaner, and wiping the window sill will ensure that there is no dirt gathered there. Same goes for your doors; a simple wipe is all they need.

6. Cabinets:

It is generally good to cleaning your cabinets before filling them with your stuff in a new home. Dirt and dust collect within cabinets without people even noticing it and since you’re making a fresh start, why keep the old dust around! Dust and wipe down the insides of all your cabinets before putting your stuff in them.

Cleaning your new home before a move seems like a lot of work, but it is essential to ensure that you move your belongings into a house that has been pre-cleaned. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to manage all this work alone, how about hiring professional home cleaners for the job? They will clean your home from top to bottom, focusing on any specific requirements you have. So you’ll get a clean house without the hassle of doing the clean up yourself!