Everyone wants a clean dust-free home but finding a duster that actually traps and removes dust without making a bigger mess seems impossible. Best Maids has been providing home cleaning services in Chicago and the surrounding area for over 10 years, and trust us, we’ve seen a lot of dust. Let us help you find the right type of duster by breaking down the most common types and how they work.

Types of Dusters

There are a lot of different dusters on the market. Here are four popular types and how they work.

Feather Dusters

The famed feather duster may make cleaning feel a bit more glamorous, but the only feathers that truly attract dust are ostrich down feathers. The soft flexible feathers can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies and trap dirt and dust in even hard to reach places. But if you are using anything but actual ostrich feathers, they will only move the dust around, so you will need to vacuum or sweep after dusting. They also require a lot of motion to be effective and can end up sending more dust into the air you are breathing.

Wool Dusters

These all-natural dusters just as effective as ostrich feathers, utilizing a combination of static electricity, lanolin and a web of fibers to attract and collect dust. The softness of the wool makes them safe to use on the most delicate of surfaces and they won’t leave behind any feathers.

Microfiber Dusters

The fibers in microfiber dusters are made up of tiny, soft filaments that rub together to create a static-electric charge. This allows microfiber dusters to pick up and remove dirt and dust, rather than push it around like other cloth dusters or release it into the air like many feather dusters. These dusters are also hypoallergenic, washable and reusable, making them a favorite of our Chicago maids. They also won’t scratch furniture or damage wood and you don’t need any fancy polishes or oils. Just match the cloth to the job. Soft, fluffy cloths are more absorbent and better for holding dust, which minimizes the potential to scratch surfaces. The less absorbent flatweave cloths are great for glass and other hard surfaces.

Compressed Air

Compressed air works best for dusting electronics devices and other tight spaces where a dusting cloth won’t reach. Spray the compressed air into the area you want dust removed from, then use an alternative duster to remove the blown-out dust.

Eliminate Dust with a Professional Cleaning Service

Our team of experienced house cleaning experts can handle homes of any shape, size, or layout, and we welcome families with children and pets. We’ll make your home cleaner, nicer to live in, and most importantly, healthier. If you are interested in learning more about our Chicago cleaning, give us a call at  708-599-7000 or contact us online for a free home or office cleaning consultation.