While selecting a new cutting board for your kitchen, you may hear different kinds of advice from different people saying opting for cutting board which most sanitary, green and less damaging to your kitchen utensils. Here we have given straightforward comparison on which cutting board is better out plastic, bamboo and wood.

  • Most of the people think that plastic cutting board is most sanitary mainly because you can easily clean it in dishwasher. However, a recent study has demonstrated that high amount of bacteria can be found on plastic boards as compared to wooden boards. Apart from this, the plastic surface which is damaged by knife may disinfect manually and it is almost impossible to clean it. The more knife-scarred plastic surface means more risk of small traces of plastic getting added in your food.

  • Bamboo board is the preferred choice of many environmental conscious people. They are considered more sanitary because they absorb less amount of liquid as compared to other board. Bamboo cutting boards are harder than your standard cutting boards and they are difficult to get damaged by knife.

  • Wood cutting boards are self healing and they won’t get marks easily which usually happens in case of plastic boards. In order to protect your wooden cutting boards from warping and staining, make sure your clean it with mineral oil regularly. A well maintained wood cutting board will definitely last for years. Most of the wooden cutting boards available in the market are manufactured from waste wood which is of low quality. So it is always recommended to check the quality of wooden cutting boards before purchasing them.

So which cutting board is most perfect for your kitchen? You may consider using wooden boards for heavy cutting. On the other hand, bamboo cutting boards are perfect for small chopping task.