Having a maid or hiring a professional cleaning service isn’t just for the ultra-rich. Best Maids has been providing house cleaning serves in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over 10 years. We clean the homes of families, couples, the elderly, and busy professionals like you. Hiring a cleaning service can be a luxury. Afterall, someone else is taking care of your housework. But there are many reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service and not feel the least bit guilty about it.

5 Reasons to Hire a Home Maid Service

If you are considering hiring a home maid service but are still on the fence, let us help you decide if a maid is right for you. Here are a few great reasons why people hire us to clean their homes.

1. Professionals Do It Better

An experienced, professional cleaner will do a better job. They are trained for this stuff. Our team of experienced house cleaning experts knows what cleaners to use for each and every job and have the expertise, tools and supplies needed to leave any home sparkling. We even offer our clients a 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee on our Chicago cleaning services.

2. Cleaning Supplies Included

A lot of different cleaners and cleaning supplies are required to clean an entire house. In just the bathroom you need a tile cleaner, a mirror cleaner, toilet cleaner and another for the grout. And that’s not counting cleaning cloths, brooms, mops and buckets. A lot of professional cleaners bring their own supplies – Best Maids included. This saves you money and you don’t have to worry about storing or restocking any of these items either. We even bring our own cleaning cloths and HEPA filtered vacuums.

3. Go Green with Ease

If you are worried about the environment and what toxic cleaners can do to your health, an easy way to go green is to find a home cleaning service near you that will clean your house from top to bottom without toxic chemicals. We are a Chicago maid cleaning service with a toxic free standard. We only use nontoxic and environmentally friendly products and methods for all our jobs.

4. Newfound Appreciation for Your Home

Image how much more you’ll love and appreciate your home when instead of looking around and seeing all the things you need to do, you look around and they have already been done. That’s the feeling you’ll come home to every time you have your home professionally cleaned. Instead of a massive to-do list of never-ending chores, you can sit down, relax and truly enjoy your home.

5. It Saves Time

You’re busy. We’re all busy. We have jam-packed schedules that keep us from our to-do lists. And even if we’re not all that busy with obligations, there are probably a million things you’d rather be doing than cleaning your house. Hiring a professional cleaning service gives you back your time. You’ll be free to spend it however you like without feeling the stress of having to clean your house first. Spend more time with your family and friends and less time tackling and stressing over household chores.

Why Best Maids?

Whenever you need house cleaning services or maid service in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, we’ll be there to make your day cleaner, healthier, safer and brighter. Over the past ten years Best Maids earned the reputation as a trusted and reliable Chicago cleaning service. We take pride in each and every job that we do and take great pride in the part we play to keep local homes and businesses clean and safe. If you’re ready to come home to a pristine sanctuary that positively sparkles, call us today at 708-599-7000 or request a free house cleaning consultation online.